Sustainable Life

‘FERA X Sustainable Life,

The world is not inherited from our ancestors, it is entrusted to our children. That's why we use it.
We know that the energy resources we have do not belong to us. As a legacy to future generations
We do not waste the energy resources we have left. We care about human health and Sustainability
We take responsibility for every step we take with our projects.
Sensitivity to nature is at its highest level due to denim, dyeing and washing techniques.
A branch of textile that is necessary. The basic materials we need to maintain our quality
Giving importance to sustainability, we use recycled materials for our denim fabrics, which are our basic material.
Recycled denim production is at the forefront for us. From production fabric waste in the factory, yarn
The waste obtained from waste or old denim products is dissolved and turned into yarn.
It is obtained by converting it back into denim. Another environmentally friendly product is organic denim,
The entire process, from cotton production to dyeing, is determined according to ecological standards.
No textile chemicals are used during production and the dyeing of the yarn is environmentally friendly.
The use of dyestuffs is another feature of organic denim. In addition, all these features make the fabric
documented by certificates.
As Fera, we respect nature in all our work. Recyclable and sustainable
While protecting nature by using fabrics produced with denim production methods, it is beneficial to humanity.
We are happy to be a part of the transformation. With every step we take, we
Considering the future, we continue to produce sustainable fabrics for a sustainable life.
we do.